Heading to India

Sitting at LAX waiting for a flight to Delhi. Going for a month-long retreat to study the Veda. First Kumbh Mela, a huge festival of devotion. Then a visit to Vrindavin, birthplace of Krishna. Finally, we go to Rishikesh at the headwaters of the Ganges, in the foothills of the Himalayas. More on this to come, plus pix.

Christmas Eve 2012


Today I get to be of service to my serioso and her family. A few years ago, no woman, dwindling family, and few prospects or inclination to be of service to anyone. Life is truly blessed. Have a great Holiday season, all!

I’ve been on a blogcation. Apparently.

There’s a lot of news in different areas of life to be explored. Come May 2013, I will be teaching Vedic Meditation. February I will be in India. Music will be taking a different form than before, not sure what, but it will be good. Meanwhile, have a beautiful holiday season, I will do the same, and I promise updates on a more regular basis.

peace and love, clb

Starting new record

Heading up to Portland, OR late march 2011 (or more accurately, Vancouver, WA) to start new album, as yet untitled. A few songs are finished, but I don’t want to corral this pony too early, I think I’ll let it tell me what it is when it’s ready. I’m using the services of producer Aram Arslanian for this stuff, in his beautiful Kingsley Garden Studio.

After the Bloodbath

So, progressives got some lumps in this midterm, or, as I like to call it, “the sumpreme American overreactive dumb-a-thon.” Fortunately, so did the asshole corporatist bluedog dems. The more of these repugs in sheeps clothing we can weed out, the better. At least California spoke out in a proud progressive voice, and while I would have liked prop 19 to pass, I think we stayed truer to our lefty heritage for the most part.
Don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t like pot or it’s effects. I have 12 years clean and sober. I am just against locking people up for getting high unless they drive while doing so, laws already on our books. I’m just against feeding our already fat prison system with overwhelmingly poor and unproportionately racially ethnic fodder, while white rich drug abusers go free.
We should end this stupid war on drugs and put our money toward educating all. My two cents.

Local live gigs

Playing some local live gigs into the foreseeable future at this location:
Bar Lubitsch • 7702 Santa Monica CA 90046
Next gig: Friday December 3, 8PM. Opening for my friend Manda Mosher. She rocks!
Updated gig info is here:

The bad old days

I was a week into Internet exile (a topic for a seperate post) and could not hear my favorite podcasts or read my any blogs or news RSS feeds, so I was forced to listen to a couple of old audiobooks. I revisited Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” and Al Gore’s “The Assault on Reason”. Both are examples of how short my political attention span has been. I have been so angry and disappointed in Obama’s corporatism and inertia that I forgot how just a couple of short years ago we were suffering I’m the grip of a regime so vile and slimy that it gave me a renewed passion and energy to fight. We must not let the morons vote in a new GOP tide over the next 2 election cycles. You think things are bad now? Don’t forget who the REAL playground bullies are!

Dogs Behaving Badly • Writing

Kevin Hunter made a songcircle assignment that was brilliant. Find an old newspaper or magazine, open blindly to a page, point a finger blindly to an item on that page. If your finger hits an article, the article title is the song title, if an ad, the ad headline is the song title. Then write the song.

The magazine was the New Yorker, the section was Talk of the town, and the heading was “Dogs Behaving Badly” about NYC poopscooping laws. Wrote the song without an editor (that voice in your head that says: “that sucks, that’s cool”). Later I gleaned that it was about a gunslinger that surrenders his weapons.

Dogs Behaving Badly
©2006 Chuck Lee Bramlet

Don’t want to be this anymore
Like a 68 Camaro
Or serape and sombrero
Don’t know about the dogs of war
Cause a 44 magnum
At the end of day is just a gun

Cause I took this fall
And I aint getting up today
Let the dogs behaving badly

Don’t want to be this anymore
Chop wood carry water
For one more abandoned daughter
Once had a key that fit this door
Once you’ve busted it down
You don’t need it no more

Cause I took this fall
And I aint getting up today
Let the dogs behaving badly

Don’t want to be this anymore
When the mockingbird mocks you
And the dumbest can outfox you
I don’t know who was keeping score
Once you forfeit the game
You don’t need it no more

Cause I took this fall
And I aint getting up today
Let the dogs behaving badly

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