After the Bloodbath

So, progressives got some lumps in this midterm, or, as I like to call it, “the sumpreme American overreactive dumb-a-thon.” Fortunately, so did the asshole corporatist bluedog dems. The more of these repugs in sheeps clothing we can weed out, the better. At least California spoke out in a proud progressive voice, and while I would have liked prop 19 to pass, I think we stayed truer to our lefty heritage for the most part.
Don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t like pot or it’s effects. I have 12 years clean and sober. I am just against locking people up for getting high unless they drive while doing so, laws already on our books. I’m just against feeding our already fat prison system with overwhelmingly poor and unproportionately racially ethnic fodder, while white rich drug abusers go free.
We should end this stupid war on drugs and put our money toward educating all. My two cents.

The bad old days

I was a week into Internet exile (a topic for a seperate post) and could not hear my favorite podcasts or read my any blogs or news RSS feeds, so I was forced to listen to a couple of old audiobooks. I revisited Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” and Al Gore’s “The Assault on Reason”. Both are examples of how short my political attention span has been. I have been so angry and disappointed in Obama’s corporatism and inertia that I forgot how just a couple of short years ago we were suffering I’m the grip of a regime so vile and slimy that it gave me a renewed passion and energy to fight. We must not let the morons vote in a new GOP tide over the next 2 election cycles. You think things are bad now? Don’t forget who the REAL playground bullies are!

I am a cancer on Glenn Beck’s sorry ass.

Re: Glenn Beck’s screed at CPAC. I’m a proud progressive. Why? Because I am capable of rational, critical thought. I pay attention to consensus from the scientific community, and respect it. I know that America was founded on the principle of freedom from any state religion. So come and get me. Send your hordes of morons. I’m right here. And unlike the white house, I WILL fight you.

One year in

Today, Barack Obama addressed his supporters. He seemed tired and a little off his game. As frustrated as I get with the guy for seeming to cave to the right at every opportunity, I have gratefulness when I think of the horror of the George W years. This is still a vast improvement. That was the face of corporatocracy made flesh.

These are excepts from my facebook page.
President Obama is taking questions from the Organizing for America community on Thursday, February 4th at 5:45pm EST. Click here to RSVP for the Conversation with the President.

This was my question to our President:
Why does it appear that you and your staff seem to reward conservatives and so-called centrists while punishing and publicly disavowing the progressives who worked so hard to elect you?

I still believe in the decency and thoughtfulness of the guy, I just didn’t elect Rahm Emmanuel or Tim Geithner, yet they seem to have his ear more than me. Hell, Lieberman gets his way, and we leebs struggle for scraps. It’s enough to (almost) make me apathetic.
The corporations are not dumb, they see the guy’s weakness and play to it. Health care shouldn’t be divisive, but FOX, Palin, Beck and the idiots that dig them have made it so, with no logic. Can’t fight crazy with smart. We need a leader that knows when the carrot, and when the stick. And when to go to work with a pipe wrench and blowtorch.
To quote Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks (as I do way too often) quoting Martin Luther King: “Sometimes I get discouraged.”