Birthday cake

Prior to my trip, I was excited to tell a longtime friend and fellow meditator I was heading to India for the once-every 12 year spiritual festival Kumbh Mela. He was less than enthusiastic.

“I dunno man. I have a friend who went. He said India is like a birthday cake in the back of a pickup truck.”

He was not wrong. It was a little like that. That being said, I like both the cake and the truck, and I owe my life to meditation, so off I went. The next few entries will be dedicated to describing that trip.

There will be visual aids.


2 Replies to “Birthday cake”

  1. Hi Chuck, Looking forward to reading about your India experience. I am still reeling from the aftershocks of my India experience. It took a couple weeks of feeling dazed to even start processing it but now it seems I am having epiphanies almost daily. So glad to have met you.

  2. Hello Chuck. I hope all is well. This looks like a good way to learn about how you’ve been doing this thing called life during the time since we used to share some rockoholic habits, some 35 years ago. I look forward to hearing your accumulated bits of knowledge and wisdom, and peace and happiness [and the photos too]. Thanks for putting this up and sharing about it all.
    Kind Regards,

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