Chuck Lee Bramlet played voraciously on anything he could find with strings from the age of eight. He fell in love with the image of a Vega 5-string banjo on the cover of a Kingston Trio album his parents gave him. Chuck was an early music junkie, going into an OCD trance, rocking and seated ear-level in front of his parents Stromberg-Carlson record player, devouring everything from Western Classical music to early rock and surf tunes. Absorbing bass notes.

An analog mind in a digital world, Chuck has an uneasy truce with pop music. His songs are dark, but he doesn’t aim for it.

“I attended a close friend’s wedding, she asked me to play a song, and I realized I didn’t have a single love song to play. I ended up playing Eyes of a Killer.”

Chuck was an original member of The Violets in Portland Oregon, and did a stint as bass player for roots-pop gurus Gingersol. He plays all things stringed, plus some club-foot piano, and sings. After being a band member for so long, it was a chance listening to Jay Farrar on Son Volt’s ‘TRACE’ that prompted Chuck to buy an old Guild Dreadnought and start playing the Portland scene as a solo act.

Chuck currently works as an accompanist (bass and lap steel guitar) to the artist/composer Connie-Kim.

Now living in Los Angeles, Chuck considers songwriting “noble work, and excellent therapy.”

Three records have been released under his name, 2003’s POOKS ROAD, 2004’s MURDER OF CROWS, and 2010’s BURN DOWN START OVER.

Dave Guard’s Banjo
Mono entertainment center w 18
The Violets in Portland
Rebel Train era
Bel Air Liberation Army
First band – 8 years old
with Bardo
w Lisa Hayes
w Steve Tagliere from Gingersol
The Violets in Salem, OR

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